Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my company / organization's data with XpoSim?
Yes, and yes. We have designed the XpoAdmin utility specifically for this purpose. All accepted formats are
industry standards like segy for seismic, LAS for wells, jpgs for maps etc.

What distinguishes XpoSim from traditional methods of learning?
We're glad you asked. Immersion, cross-disclipline training and competition. XpoSim provides a uniquely immersive experience where users engage in real-world activities from a host of disciplines making up the exploration lifecycle, while never leaving their desks. Competitive play translates to more engagement and emergent behavior, making it more about outperforming your colleagues than gaming the system.

What will XpoSim teach me about my job?
More than you might imagine. Unification of vision across the enterprise is what XpoSim was designed for. It empowers you to put yourself in your bosses', peers' and subordinates' shoes, learn what drives those preceding and following you in the lifecycle and learn how their decisions impact you and vice versa.

How do the various versions of XpoSim for different platforms differ in functionality?
They don't. We have aimed to guarantee a smooth experience across ALL platforms. The visual quality will adjust dynamically to better suit your device of choice, but the functionality would be homogenous across platforms.

I am an experienced professional with years of experience in exploration. Is XpoSim for me?
Probably. Everyone will find something to take away from the XpoSim experience. We encourage you to try competing with others in a friendly session to experience practical situations which you otherwise may not have experienced in your career.

Can I name my child XpoSim?
Yes. We have recieved many such requests, and all we require is that you encourage your child to take up exploration as a career.